artist websites

The first artist website I admire is Ryan McGinley’s
His layout is very simple, yet effective. It’s not busy, which is why I like it. The focus is on the work, which feel is very important. The website is careful not to take away from the artwork. Since Ryans work is really bright and colorful I believe he made sure that his website didn’t take away from that.
The second artist website I admired was Jason Lazarus’s, who is actually a photography teacher at SAIC.
Jasons website is set up in a similar to McGinley’s but the layout is not the same. Both Photographers are careful not to overdue their sites, and careful to give all of the attention to their works. I think that this is a very important detail to take notice to when designing a website. I also feel that a clean crisp layout is easier on the eyes and helps lead the viewers eye to the work instead of anything in the websites layout.


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